Handmade Lace--a dead art?

The incredibly intricate and ancient process of making lace by hand began to gain popularity in the 1700's for the royal court. 
Since only a handful of people knew the craft, lace was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford.
Girls went to school as young as five years old to learn the craft of lace making that would become their career for the rest of their lives.

Lace was created to replace embroidery to create a greater variety of fashion looks.
Unlike embroidery, lace can be taken off one garment and sewn on another.

Lace making by hand is considered to be on its way to becoming a dead art.  Mainly due to the machines that have been invented to replace the need to learn the craft of lace making.

Bobbin Lace and Needle Lace are the oldest forms of lace making.
Above is a picture of Bobbin Lace making where all the bobbins are used to braid and twist the thread.
So next time you wear that sexy lace bra/top/dress thank modern machinery for allowing you to feel feminine and great!

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