Spring Blues


(top/sunnies-Urban Outfitters, jeans-AG,shoes/earrings/necklace-Banana Republic,necklaces-BCBG/J.Crew,bag-Vintage)

 The sun has been beaming here in San Francisco.  This was the first time I wore open toe shoes in a long time and got to show the world my lovely pedicure.  And this is the first time I have worn something other than dark denim or black skinny jeans in a couple years!  I haven't worn these AG flares in literally 2 years.  So glad wide legs/flares are back in style for this Spring and Summer.

Fresh Pink

(skirt-Zara, lace top-Forever 21,shoes-Nine West, jacket-Banana Republic, purse-Vintage, necklace-Anthropologie,braids-DIY)
-photos by Danielle-
On the drive back from Sonoma we stopped at this fruit stand to get some fresh fruits for our Easter Brunch. 
I love all the signs and colors around this fruit stand and how they complement my outfit.
My DIY ribbon braids were inspired from Refinery 29's post on Rachel Roy's Fall '11 show here.
I didn't want do an updo, so I made it more of a braided crown which made me feel like a medieval princess.
I LOVE this hot pink Zara skirt--it is the perfect Summer piece to brighten your day!

Epic, Part 2

This post (Part 2) is dedicated to Photography / Styling tips.
Examples from Epic, Part 1 and Part 2 will demonstrate how telling a visual story through photos can have endless possibilities. 

Photography / Styling Tips

1.           Determine the mood of your location:
·         It is important feel out the mood of where you are.  Is it funny, quirky, pretty, urban or natural?
·         After you determine the mood then decide if you should capture the mood in the photographs or contrast it.
·         For me, in Part 1 there was a deeply magical and epic mood where we stopped. No people were around, the wind was blazing, mist was rolling through the hills down to the beach and the sun was only casting light on one tiny part of the ocean.
·         I felt serene.  I felt like I was inside of an Impressionist painting.  I wanted the wind to dance around me and lift my spirits.  Danielle captured that mood!  (example here, and here)
·         In contrast, Part 2 has blazing sunlight, open hills and a random white house plopped in the middle of nowhere.  A feeling of freedom and journey influenced a free spirit mood.

2.           Capture the mood of your location:
·         There was so much to explore in both locations that the best pictures were the ones that were natural shots of me moving around and twirling with the wind.
·         In Part 1, the photos would have been more contrived and less intimate if I was just doing static poses for the camera. I frolicked in through the paths and really let the wind play with the length of my skirt. (example here)
·         In contrast, Part 2 called for more static poses along the house to capture a more editorial feeling.  Even though we were in nature, the mood felt like what you would see in an Urban Outfitters catalog--city outfit against a natural setting.

3.           Make sure the subject feels comfortable
·         It is important to capture the true character of the subject you are photographing.
·         Andy brought his guitar/harmonica, so he was playing and singing while I danced in the wind and my sister snapped some photos.
·         This made it so much fun for all of us.  My sister forgot she was taking photos and I forgot I was having my picture taken while I was dancing around.
·         The best photos are when you feel like you know the person or want to know more.

4.           Be consistent
·         Keep the style/mood consistent throughout each photo. 
·         Use the photos to tell a story--but make it your own personal story.

And most of all have fun! 
Hope you all have an EPIC day!

Epic, Part 1.

(skirt-American Apparel, top-Urban Outfitters, shoes-Nine West, bangles-LuLus, necklace-H&M, earrings-Forever 21)

 The epic photos and skirt demanded this title.
My sister, her boyfriend and I popped in the car to venture out of the city and absorb our Urban skin into Nature.
We made two stops and took photos in both places.

I am just blown away with Danielle’s photography (go sister!).
She completely captured a whimsical and magical mood in these photos with a feeling of escape and a naivety.
She did such an amazing job that I am going to split out the photos into a Part 1 and Part 2 since we stopped in two different locations and captured two completely different moods.

Part 2 tomorrow will be dedicated to photography and styling tips.
Check back tomorrow for Part 2 to see how location, lighting and photography can completely change the feeling and mood of a photo story.
Hope you have an Epic day!

Good Taste! Sol Bar

We stayed at the Solage in Calistoga to celebrate my Mom's birthday. 
I highly reccomend this hotel to anyone who wants an amazing getaway weekend.
We ate dinner at the house restaurant called Sol Bar.
Everything was delicious amongst a lovely ambiance.

We were lucky to get to drink a bottle of Schramsberg ("the President's champagne") since my Mom's friend was so sweet to send over a bottle to our hotel room after we surprisingly bumped into her at the hotel. 
This is definitely a vineyard I want to visit.
Check out the Sol Bar menu here.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown.
It was a super fun-filled day where we got to be tourists in our own city--which is always a blast! 
The parade was super lively way to kick off the day with music and dancers.
How darling are these Harjauku girls!  
There are so many different fashion subcultures inspired out of Harajuku.
These ladies seem to be rocking the 'Lolita' fashion, which is a Japanese subculture based on Victorian clothing and Rococo inspired costumes.  There are so many different versions of Lolita fashion and these girls would fall under the 'Sweet Lolita' bucket.
Sweet Lolita fashion is inspired by Rococo styles with girly details and feminine colors.  The dresses also tend to have child like references inspired by things like Alice in Wonderland.
I want to go to Harajuku and roam the streets in a tutu with these ladies!
After making a stop at the Hello Kitty store we had to stop by the insanely awesome Japanese photo booths.
These photo booths are so much fun and quite the experience.  While the booth talks to you in Japanese you get to choose festive backgrounds and push buttons that you don't understand what they are saying since they are in Japanese.
 We then went to Benihana's for dinner which was such a fun and festive way to end the day.
Nothing is more entertaining than having a goofy chef put on a show right in front of you while he cooks your meal before your eyes...and makes hearts out of the fried rice.
While we had to wait an hour for our crepe dessert to be made, we roamed the Japanese bookstore where I got some Japanese fashion magazines to indulge in.
This is the Cherry Blossom Festival graphic--so chic!
The parade, Hello Kitty store, Japanese photo booth and Benihana adventure were all amazing treats to enjoy throughout the day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Before Sunset

(pants-Vintage from Antique Faire, top-H&M,shoes-Nine West,jacket-Gap, hat-Wastelandnecklaces-Urban Outfitters/vintage/Lucky/Forever 21)
Love these crazy pants I got at the Antique Faire the other weekend. 
They are so funky fresh and super fun and comfortable to wear. 
 The pattern and fit is so wild--with the wide flowy leg and high waist with pleats.
The 'pajama pant' trend is fun and comfortable--so everyone should rock it!
Happy Friday!

A Story by the Sea

(skirt-$5 @ Alameda Antique Faire, shoes-Nine West, purse-Vintage,lace tank-Crossroads,yellow lace bra-GapBody,hat-Vintage,necklace-gift from Alameda Antique Faire, belt-Wasteland) 

-Photos by Mr. Mario- 
We had a blast taking these photos on our day trip to Half Moon Bay.
I got this skirt for $5 at the Alameda Antique Faire
I love the cheerful colors of the flowers and how they pop on the black ground on the skirt.
I am embracing long skirts--as they are totally effortless to wear and provide both comfort and chic drama at the same time.  
Even though I am petite, I'm figuring out how to make the maxi length work on me. 
My advice to petite girls is to let the volume of the skirt speak and wear a fitted top to contrast the volume on the bottom. 
This creates length as opposed to getting lost in the skirt.
Hooray for gypsy skirts being such a pretty and girly item to wear this Spring / Summer!