HELLO!  And Nice to meet you...
Hello There! So glad you stopped by my blog.  I love getting to know people, so I will share a bit about myself so you can get to know me.  I’m a 27 year old free spirited lady who loves crazy and mysterious, whimsical and magical things in the world.  I work in merchandising (similar to being a buyer) for Gap HQ and absolutely love my job and love coming to work every day.  When I have free time I love to paint, knit scarves, document my life through photos or be involved in some crafty project. 
I really love meeting and getting to know creative people and surrounding myself with those who inspire me to look at the world through a magical lens.  I come from a creative family where each person has their own specialty/passion: my mom is a floral designer, my sister is a graphic designer, my dad is a computer programmer, and my brother is a student who is a great chef and DJ.

My Style
I have many sides when it comes to my taste, but one thing always remains the same and that is my love affair with Vintage.  I love to dress funky fresh when I go out on the weekends, and I also love to be polished to the nines—but either way something Vintage makes an appearance.

I am very obsessed with Vintage fashion and completely immerse myself in the story behind treasures from the past.
I am extremely nostalgic and collecting Vintage items has become an incredible part of my fashion life. 
 I am definitely one of those people who daydream about living a time before the present. 
Every time I try on a Vintage piece and it fits me like a glove I instantly wonder who the woman was who wore it in the past and ask myself…Who was she? Where was she going? Was she happy, and in love?  Did she love wearing this dress?
Vintage pieces are so special since they are truly one of kind pieces.

Staying on the note of the past—I am completely stuck in time when it comes to music.  I pretty much only listen to 60s rock and my favorites lately have been: The Animals, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin.  I also love 90s music: Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Garbage always make me feel good.  But to take it way back I love B.B. King and Etta James.

Other Random Facts
  • My heritage is mainly French-Bonjour!
  • I love to collect things: Vintage sunglasses, white porcelain tchotkes, exotic butterflies and maracas.
  • I studied Ballet for 14 years
  • My astrology sign is Taurus

The Blog

About the Hourglass
This blog is my little time capsule that documents my life through fashion moments that I want to share with you.
The name of the blog was a two-fold inspiration—coming in the form of time and shape.

Time is so precious.  We are always fighting the clock. We either want to turn back time to live in a moment or era that seems better than the present, or we want to fast forward into the future where possibilities seem endless and our dreams aren't tainted by the reality they may not actualize to.
I am personally obsessed with the past and that is why I adore Vintage clothes.  
In the spirit of time and all the moments that pass through it, I named this blog The Hourglass to reflect the moments in my life that I want to share with you.

The feminine hourglass shape of a gorgeous, voluptuous woman’s body is forever timeless and sexy.
I am very real when it comes to my own shape and my body.  Take a wild guess how tall you think I am?  Well I am 5’1”!
I am super petite in height but definitely have curves.  And guess what?... I am damn proud of those curves.  The most meaningful compliments I have received were that my figure is relatable.  I believe in health and taking care of yourself, but definitely think a happy girl makes a pretty girl so every woman should work with what they got!
I have never let being short or having curves stop me from having fun with fashion.  Fashion can be fun for everyone--all you have to do is a little experimenting to find the recipe that works best for y-o-u!
Here’s a shout out to all you girls with some junk in da trunk!

There is a very special part of my blog called 'Fashion For Breakfast'.
These posts are dedicated to sharing facts about fashion history.
I am obsessed with fashion history and spend my free time outside of work and the blog researching fashion history.  My sister has been kind enough to check me out books from her fashion school library so I can share knowledge with you the old fashion way--from books not online.

The name was Fashion for Breakfast was taken from a haiku my sister made me:

Vintage Chanel Morning, Polyester Gods Smiling, She Eats Fashion for Breakfast.

I loved her haiku so much I had to use part of it in my blog.
You can get graphic inspiration from her blog here.

Hope you enjoy my little blog!

all photos used in this post are done by Lydia Hudgens.