Golden Girl

(top-Gap, sweater-J.Crew, skirt-Nordstrom's, sunglasses-Thrift, tights-H&M, shoes-Stuart Weitzman, socks-UO, accessories-UO, J.Crew, Michael Kors)
Went for a retro, pin-up, nautical look with a sexy twist.
I am so inspired by this location near the Golden Gate Bridge. 
The view of the Bridge, the smell of the Bay, seals playing by the Pier and fisherman calmly waiting for their catch make this a special place that tourists love to visit.

Chocolate Chip

(top-Gap, skirt-H&M, tights-Gap, shoes-Banana Republic, headband-UO, accessories-UO, H&M, Banana Republic)

Well Hello There! 
 What's cookin' good lookin'?
Chocolate chip cookies anyone?
 After baking some scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, I was inspired to turn into one myself.

Getting ready for Fall with yummy chocolate brown and black.
To spice things up mix classic patterns in neutrals to create a look that is fun and chic!

Half Moon

(sweater-H&M, corduroy pants-Gap, shoes-Banana Republic, necklace-H&M, belt-UO, earrings-Gift, rings-Gift from Arizona and Australia)

I went on a road trip this weekend to Half Moon Bay.

I love this sweater I just got from H&M.  It is the perfect blend of cozy, functional and cute.
I can already see myself living in it-- road trips, plane rides, movie nights, picnics in the park.

Vintage Hippie

(top-Mom's vintage 60's top, velvet leggings-Thrift, rings-Mom's 60's treasures)
My mom showed me this amazing 60's vintage lace top that she has kept for 40 plus years, and I immediately became its new best friend. 
The details in it are so gorgeous, sweet and unique.
I could live in this top--perfectly accessorized by bare feet and live guitar folk music (thanks Andy).

Garden Story

(top-F21, jeans-Thrift, shoes-Tory Burch, hat-Gift, glasses-UO, watch-Michael Kors)

Henri Matisse

After visiting the SFMOMA I fell even more in love with Henri Matisse.
His work is whimsical and explosive in color, lending him the nickname “Master of Colour” by many critics.
The piece “Woman with a Hat” (first image) captivated me at the MOMA, and intrigued me to dive more into the world of Henri Matisse.
I couldn’t help to find myself obsessing over everything about this painting: the subject, the colors, the fierce use of expressionistic strokes, the hat, and the gaze mesmerized me.  My favorite part was the information next to the painting, which made note that this painting caused a lot of controversy with the bright colors. 
When critics asked Matisse what color dress the subject was wearing he replied, “black, of course!”

High Noon

(shirt dress-happie loves it, velvet leggings-Thrift, hat-Mom's closet, shoes-Steve Madden, accessories-F21, thrift)
Journeyed along the California Coast this weekend and explored the beautiful scenery of the redwoods, ocean and rivers.
I picked up these velvet leggings at a thrift store and I can already tell I am going to live in them.
Get ready for lots of outfits wtih velvet leggings this Fall!

Velvet & Lace

(top-F21, skirt-F21, tights-UO, shoes-Charles David, sunglasses-Kate Spade, accessories-F21)
Spent the day walking around Healdsburg and popping into local art galleries with my mom and sister.

Handmade Lace--a dead art?

The incredibly intricate and ancient process of making lace by hand began to gain popularity in the 1700's for the royal court. 
Since only a handful of people knew the craft, lace was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford.
Girls went to school as young as five years old to learn the craft of lace making that would become their career for the rest of their lives.

Lace was created to replace embroidery to create a greater variety of fashion looks.
Unlike embroidery, lace can be taken off one garment and sewn on another.

Lace making by hand is considered to be on its way to becoming a dead art.  Mainly due to the machines that have been invented to replace the need to learn the craft of lace making.

Bobbin Lace and Needle Lace are the oldest forms of lace making.
Above is a picture of Bobbin Lace making where all the bobbins are used to braid and twist the thread.
So next time you wear that sexy lace bra/top/dress thank modern machinery for allowing you to feel feminine and great!

Sugar & Spice

(lace tunic-Victoria's Secret, skirt-H&M, heels-BCBG, vintage purse-Grandma's, bra-GapBody, tights-Gap)

1960's-- Fashion Revolts!

60’s fashion is absolutely one of my favorite decades that I find to be incredibly inspiring, fun and full of life.
The free-spirit energy in a time of bright hope and optimism was translated into fashion trends that broke many traditions just like the social movements that defined this era.

How I wish that I could be a flower child in the 60’s dressed in imaginative and comfortable clothes--wide wale corduroy bell bottoms, loads of jewelry, velvet tops, fringed leather vests and bare feet.

 I want making daisy crowns to be part of my daily routine instead of going on facebook!
I would have loved to be part of a time where all you had to do was display a peace sign and say “Groovy” to let someone know you dug their threads.
Janis Joplin was one of the most influential style icons of the 60’s who is still a fashion inspiration today. Most people don’t know that Janis loved clothes, but indeed she did. Here is a great Janis fashion quote:
"FASHION NEWS: I went out & bought myself a $35 pair of boots. Oh they are so groovey!! They're old-fashioned in their style-tight w/buttons up the front. Black. FANTASTIC! When I get back, I'm going to rent a sewing machine & make myself some sort of beautiful/outlandish dress to go w/them."

- Janis Joplin, September 1966

And we can't forget about the sexiest man of the 60's...Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 
His style was impecable, always sporting a "look" that was creative and bold.
Band posters from the 60's are so inspiring since they were done by hand--take THAT Photoshop!

Take me to Woodstock please!