80s-Alien-Dance Party-Insect

(skirt-LF similar style here, shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, hat-Vintage, belt-Wasteland, bracelets-Bloomingdales, watch-Michael Kors, necklace-Anthropologie, earrings-Vintage, sunglasses-Urban Outfitters, 80s shirt-Chick-A-Boom Vintage)

Photos by the uber creative and talented Lydia Hudgens.

The title pretty much sums up this wild outfit.  The reflective sunglasses make me feel insect or alien-like which is fun.  The aztec knit skirt is festive and the 80s sheer color blocked shirt is so super awesome.
With all the wild colors, prints and textures combined with alien eyes I am ready for an 80s dance party.

Fashion for Breakfast

(dress/hat-Vintage 1950's, suitcase/purse-Vintage, jewels-J.Crew, earrings-Kate Spade)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

These photos were inspired by a haiku my sister made me:

Vintage Chanel morning
Polyester Gods Smiling
 She eats Fashion for Breakfast

Taken from the haiku I have named part of my blog 'Fashion for Breakfast' where I post facts about fashion history--which is something I am obsessed with.
This has been a part of my blog I have neglected a bit, so I wanted to rejuvenate my spirits to keep doing history posts--so what better than a photoshoot to draw inspiration?!
I am fascinated by fashion history and spend my time outside of my blog and work learning about it. 
 My sister has been so kind to check me out very special fashion books from her library at her fashion school. 
 I thought it would be nice to share with you all the fun facts I learn on my blog especially since I am learning from books (the old fashioned way) and not the Internet.

These photos were so fun to take and Lydia and I got to enjoy a yummy breakfast together.
I felt like I was in an old black and white silent film in a cafe in Paris.  My 1950's dress and hat definitely helped to set the old fashioned mood we were going for.
I will do another post soon featuring some more outfit pics from this look.

So grab a mimosa, pull up a chair and join me for some fashion for breakfast.

And by the way my sister made the cute buttons/header for my blog.
You can see the official Fashion for Breakfast button on the sidebar.
You can check out Danielle's graphic art on her site Things She Made

Sparkle, Pattern, Pop!

Missoni for Target: Sparkle, Patter, Pop!

Just a little preview of a version of what I wore to work yesterday.
This was my first Polyvore set and I can already tell I'm going to be addicted.
An outfit post in my new Missoni for Target items will be up in the near future.
Yes, I was one of those crazy people who got to Target before they opened to stock up on the Missoni for Target collection.
All I can say is it was totally worth it.
I never participate in Black Friday promotions since I can't handle mobs of people fighting over discounted items, and I definitely don't make the wisest choices when I'm shopping under pressure combined with the 'need' to get something when it is on sale.

Target was crazy.  A group of about 20 women were trying on clothes in the middle of the store...in front of one mirror.  Women started bartering and trading each other for different items in each others carts and different sizes.
God Bless America and its consumerism that makes our little world go 'round.
Viva Missoni!

Piece of my Heart

(dress-Wasteland, shoes-Jeffrey Campbell buy here, hat/necklace-Vintage, dreamcatcher-Forever 21 similar style here, lipstick-Sephora Brand)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

This Vintage sheer dress is so super unique--I love that the design looks like it was hand painted on the silk (and quite possibly it was).  
I knew that this dress had to be photographed in an extra special way--so who better than the amazing photographer Lydia to capture its magic!?!
Summer is ending and these photos reflect that mood--chasing the warm weather and wearing light, flowy clothes even when the sun starts to set and the chill hits the air--just because you want to hold onto those last days of Summer.


(dress-old BCBG similar style here, necklace-Vintage, shawl/lace top-Wasteland, shoes-Nine West, headband-LF similar style here)
Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

I'm trying to hold on to these last moments of Summer. I love the transition of Summer into Fall and how change is in the air.  Literally.  The air begins to feel clean and crisp and the long days are enjoyed to their fullest knowing they will only get shorter each day from here on out.  Fall always welcomes everyone with a warmth of reflection--which is good for the soul.
I'm very excited for Fall and welcome all the changes the season may bring.

Jackie & Jennie

Meet my new friend Jennie from the awesome blog Going West.
Jennie was my partner in crime hopping around San Francisco last Thursday night to celebrate Fashion's Night Out.
It was a fun evening filled with lots of Champagne, meeting other bloggers and celebrating fashion with all who wanted to join in on the fun.
Although Jennie's outfit and mine contrast a bit, they also seem to have complemented each other quite well.  I adore Jennie's unique and awesome style, so be sure to check out more of her awesome outfits here.

On Jennie: top-Zara, boots-Jeffrey Campbell, shorts-Bird
On Jackie: top-RGB, skirt-Anthropologie, shoes-Dolce Vita, bag-Coach,accessories-Vintage/UO/J.Crew
I have to give a HUGE thanks to Lindsay and Caitlin who organized a private event in the Neiman Marcus Rotunda to kick off the night with a Champagne toast -it was super fun to meet lots of sweet blogger girls before adventuring out into the fashion abyss.  And here's a shout out to the event sponsors DODOcase, Rex Ray, Pop Chips and Gilt City.


Rachel from Visual Basic absolutely delighted me by featuring me in her Blogger Sketch Sketch Sunday series.
I am a HUGE fan of Rachel's work and always look forward to seeing what Blogger she will sketch next.
I am beyond flattered for her to be inspired by me and my blog--and she wrote some really kind words that you can read here
 It means the world to me that she finds me as relatable Blogger with a 'normal' body type that most women can relate to.
Thank you Rachel with all my heart!
You can see the outfit posts Rachel was inspired by here, here and here.

Dots & Flowers

(top/skirt/hat-Vintage, shoes-Pour La Victoire buy here, bracelets-J.Crew)

Hope everyone had a super Labor Day Weekend!
I got to B-B-Q, Vintage shop, start and finish my book that I have been meaning to read forever The Alchemist, swim in the pool, soak up some rays and watch some good movies.
Can you believe the size of this Dahlia?  It is called the Dinner Plate Dahlia because they grow to be so humongous!
This Vintage skirt is like a Minnie Mouse-Grandma-Circus skirt...and I love it for being all of those things!