Christmas on Crack

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, Christmas on crack.
These pictures are from the famous Christmas house my family visited in Novato.  
Every year they decorate every inch of the inside and outside of their house (and I mean every inch).
They invite strangers into their home every night to view the Christmas wonder (and madness).
Every single room is covered with their collection of Holiday items and there isn't a bed, couch or chair in sight that you either see or can actually sit on.


SL' outfits said...

Lovely :)

Harlow said...

When i was little i always wanted to have a what I called 'snowtown' (like in picture 3) in my bedroom. With a real train buzzin around! Kinda silly but even now I'm 18, I still visit the gardencenter around the holidays just to see the 'sowntown' that they've put up =)

Ana Agulló said...

Love it! xx


Anonymous said...

loving everything about your blog!
keep up the great work in the new year
happy new year from COSMICaroline!
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