In the Wind

(top-Club Monaco, shoes-Sam Edelman, purse-Vintage, jeggings-Gap)
-photos by Mario-

The weather in San Francisco is so bipolar--raining cats and dogs one day then sunny the next.
Since we spent the whole day inside on Saturday, we got out on Sunday to enjoy the sunshine and went to the Zoo and the beach. 
This is my new favorite top that I got in New York when I was there for work last week. 
 I could wear this top in a different color every day--it has everything going for it that I love: 100% silk makes it light and airy, billowy sleeves and I love the tunic length with a waist tie. 
 I just feel so comfy and care free in it.  I secretly want to wear it every day. 
 I like how the dot pattern is sort of an abstract leopard print that is why I wore my leopard print scarf with it. 

I’m hoping for more sunshine this week but the rumor going around is that it is supposed to snow this weekend in San Francisco--I'll believe it when I see it.
I need to find more tops like this one to live in, so if you have seen any around let me know!

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