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Today's Fashion History Delight: Turban Evolution

During WWII there was a shortage of materials as we all know. In Paris, even the unappreciated yet incredibly useful hairpins disappeared from the market.  This made it impossible for women to put their hair up.  To tidy up undone hair, large hats grew in popularity as a quick fix to the tousled tresses.  
This is how elaborate hats such as the Turban came to be in Parisian fashion. 
Since there were also restrictions on other materials used for clothes, women relied on elaborate hats and turbans to dress up their plain clothing.
So interesting how a trend came to be right?  Today, the turban is a fierce fashion statement that has made a come back.  Turbans will be perfect for Spring and Summer when it will be easier to throw your hair back into a scarf rather than to maintain hair in the heat and humidity.

Photo of early 1940's Parisian Turbans by © Takashi Hatakeyama
Fukai, Akiko, Tamami Suoh, Miki Iwagami, Reiko Koga, and Rii Nie. Fashion: a History from the 18th to the 20th Century. Koeln: Taschen, 2002. Print.

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