Antique Faire

On Sunday I went to the Alameda Antique Faire on a lovely and sunny Spring day. 
The Faire happens the first Sunday of every month and is quite the treat to look forward to. 
They sell everything from Vintage clothes to amazing antique furniture.
I absolutely love the day-long treasure hunt at this Faire.
I look forward to being in my element and getting in touch with my most primal instinct--to hunt and gather!
Come shop along with me...
I bought the purple dress the white arrow is pointing to in the picture above.
Whenever I am Vintage shopping I look the following things:
-Fun/original colors
-Bold/interesting prints that are specific to a certain decade
-Retro fits that are still relevant in today's trends
-Fabrics that are unique
-Items that have that special unique quality that make them feel like a treasure
Scary and cute antique dolls!
I got this Vintage jacket for $5 at the Faire b/c it was colder than I thought it would be.
I got this tie dye dress from a street vendor when I was in Berkeley over weekend.
These bags are so pretty and special!
I died over this amazing Vintage leopard Jacket above with leather trim details! 
The leather collar and pocket trim makes this a super cool Vintage item that has a modern edge. 
 So unique and special!

All the scarves in this bin above were only a buck each!  
Girls were going crazy digging for gold (including my sister and I)!
I got some really nifty stuff on my treasure hunt at the Antique Faire. 
 I can't wait to share some outfit posts with you once I wear them!


AStylishBlur said...

I sooo want to go there, looks like they had the most amazing stuff!
Envy alert. Big time.
Your outfit was gorgeous too, especially the colours!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

it looks so colorful and like so much fun. you can have fun all day long. i love the red on you, looks fabulous. and i am so in love with your bag. it looks fabulous, so magnificent.

A Lost Feather said...

i lovvve fairs like this.. love love love. looks like so much fun! that jacket is great, too.. good choice!

Lauren Grace said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Glad it led me to your blog- new follower definitely! XO

jada and jon said...

looks like a wonderful day out....cute jacket and bag!
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Anonymous said...

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