Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown.
It was a super fun-filled day where we got to be tourists in our own city--which is always a blast! 
The parade was super lively way to kick off the day with music and dancers.
How darling are these Harjauku girls!  
There are so many different fashion subcultures inspired out of Harajuku.
These ladies seem to be rocking the 'Lolita' fashion, which is a Japanese subculture based on Victorian clothing and Rococo inspired costumes.  There are so many different versions of Lolita fashion and these girls would fall under the 'Sweet Lolita' bucket.
Sweet Lolita fashion is inspired by Rococo styles with girly details and feminine colors.  The dresses also tend to have child like references inspired by things like Alice in Wonderland.
I want to go to Harajuku and roam the streets in a tutu with these ladies!
After making a stop at the Hello Kitty store we had to stop by the insanely awesome Japanese photo booths.
These photo booths are so much fun and quite the experience.  While the booth talks to you in Japanese you get to choose festive backgrounds and push buttons that you don't understand what they are saying since they are in Japanese.
 We then went to Benihana's for dinner which was such a fun and festive way to end the day.
Nothing is more entertaining than having a goofy chef put on a show right in front of you while he cooks your meal before your eyes...and makes hearts out of the fried rice.
While we had to wait an hour for our crepe dessert to be made, we roamed the Japanese bookstore where I got some Japanese fashion magazines to indulge in.
This is the Cherry Blossom Festival graphic--so chic!
The parade, Hello Kitty store, Japanese photo booth and Benihana adventure were all amazing treats to enjoy throughout the day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Love LuLu said...

What a great look day! Love those Harjauku girls and their little Alice in Wonderland outfits!

What Sadie Did said...

That festival looks like such a great day!
Did you know that much about Harajuku before the fetival!? I am seriously impressed!!!

Sadie x