(skirt-Urban Outfitters, top/purse/necklace-Forever 21,shoes-Sam Edelman,jacket-Banana Republic,belt-J.Crew)
-photos by Danielle-
I am getting a lot of use out of my 'illusion' skirt.
This skirt is not only comfortable but provides the perfect element of interest to any outfit.
I was perfectly comfortable while I shopped with my sister and brother on Haight Street. 
This band Jugtown Pirates was awesome--they had one of my favorite instruments which is the stand up Bass and they played great bluegrass music.  
A band playing in the stoop of an apartment is one of the many things that can remind me why I love this city...along with the amazing sunsets over the Golden Gate Bridge.


Nikki said...

Beautiful outfit! x

Carolina Hardy said...

so great outfit!