80s-Alien-Dance Party-Insect

(skirt-LF similar style here, shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, hat-Vintage, belt-Wasteland, bracelets-Bloomingdales, watch-Michael Kors, necklace-Anthropologie, earrings-Vintage, sunglasses-Urban Outfitters, 80s shirt-Chick-A-Boom Vintage)

Photos by the uber creative and talented Lydia Hudgens.

The title pretty much sums up this wild outfit.  The reflective sunglasses make me feel insect or alien-like which is fun.  The aztec knit skirt is festive and the 80s sheer color blocked shirt is so super awesome.
With all the wild colors, prints and textures combined with alien eyes I am ready for an 80s dance party.


Santina said...

You are the most adorable insect I have ever seen! I love, love, love all the color in this look. I also adore that belt. I searched high and low (alright, I didn't really search until a week before I was leaving) for a belt like that when I was living in Mexico and never found one. Apparently I need to go shopping with you!

Eli said...

You couldnt have found more perfect sunglasses for this outfit. I love seeing your outfits because youre so inspirational to me for mixing patterns and wearing accessories!

stylecomb said...

That title really does sum up this outfit perfectly! That shirt is amazing, really you find the best vintage pieces.


Nuha said...

very cute...love the mesh of colors :)

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