Blue Grass

Wanted to share a few fun pics from the Blue Grass Fest in San Francisco.
The Fish Eye Lens makes everything look crazy, 90's cool.
Highlight of the festival was seeing Ryan Bingham and his hotness and amazing talent in the flesh.
A few other highlights were dancing with my sister, drinking wine in the park, shaking my maraca to the music and of course watching a psychedelic hippie man dance freely in his boxers when no music was playing.  San Francisco rocks!


Santina said...

OMG, these photos are incredible! This really makes me want to get a fancier camera so I can get a FISH EYE LENS and use it everyday! I'm seriously OBSESSED with these photos!

You're the cutest, Jackie! Hands down!

N. said...

i dig the fisheye. tripp.

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

Cool pics sweety!! I bet you had a great time in SF! You look so cool and nice as always!!xoxo Love and peace!!