Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

(dress- Vintage, shoes- Vince Camuto, belt- Vintage similar here, black bracelet - Vintage similar here, necklace - J.Crew similar here, earrings - Kate Spade, sunglasses- Banana Republic similar here)

Photos by my fav fun girly girl Lydia Hudgens

More photos from NY when I got to hang out with Lydia while I was in town.
Doesn't a hot pink dress just make you wanna have fun?
It sure makes me want to twirl around, smile, laugh and be goofy in a child like sort of way. 
Hot pink can be either sexy and fun or very cute and young. 
A better reason to wear hot pink for all of those reasons.
Is the Cyndi Lauper song 'girls just wanna have fun' your girly girl anthem when getting ready to go out or what? 
This might be my next song choice for karaoke!


Santina said...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun will always remind me of getting ready with girlfriends!

I don't know where to start. First of all - the dress! I am in love with it! The chevron detail is amazing, and that color is GORGEOUS on you...though I'm starting to think there is no color that looks bad on you!

Amanne | said...

Love that dress! You're right about the hot pink - it definitely makes it a sexy dress. It's that perfect work/party dress.

Nikki said...

Now I'll have that song stuck in my head for the next few days! haha. I Adore these photos and dang it, those are some killer heels! x

jennie going west said...

i recognize that dress! we have to return to the flea market next month!! i love the zig zag pleat on the bottom. LOVE it.

Kinsey said...

I love the color of this dress! The colors are great, and the photos are gorgeous!

Ashley Ording said...

What a babe! xo

mestizay said...

wow that dress is breathtaking!
the vibrant colors is awesome!

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

You look stunning in in this dress! the color its just beautiful! Love the pink, ones of my favorites colors! lol

Xpressiories said...

1st photo- sex.

That's all.