Walking into Spider Webs

(dress (worn as top)- American Apparel, sunglasses-Vintage skirt-Forever 21, belt BCBG (old), hat-Vintage similar here, shoes- Jeffrey Campbell)

These are the last of my Halloween inspired photos.  Hope you enjoyed them!
How amazing was the No Doubt song 'spider webs' when it came out in 1996!?!
OMG I loved Gwen so much when I discovered her in Middle School as she was the epitome of girl power-- singing songs about her stupid boyfriends and was all about rocking out, looking gorgeous, having fun and being a retro-pin-up-punk-flirt!
The Tragic Kingdom album pretty much changed my life as a young girl.  No Doubt was the first concert I went to ever and she rocked the shit out of the stage.
Speaking of Halloween, I was Gwen one year in Middle School and wore the outfit from this 'Spiderweb' video with the plaid pants, cropped 'Gwen' shirt, pocket chain and Dr. Martens!
Check out the video below.


Santina said...

Two more reasons I know that we are soul sisters: 1. I have that belt...though it's NEVER looked this cool on me! 2. I LOVE Gwen - then, now, forever! She's such a cool girl! I was all about her style back in the day...and I guess now too! Ha!


Nikki said...

I adore this all black and tough outfit! x

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

Rocker chic vibe, I love it! The belt its so chic and nice! Nice outfit girl!! xoxo

Amanda Weiss said...

LOVE this look girl! And yes, Gwen is at the top of my list too- I saw her in concert a few years back, and saw No Doubt reunion too- absolutely amazing!

<3 Amanda

AiRene said...

you look lovely :)


decimal shoes said...

love the skirt :D
I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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Erica said...

great skirt! i like your style

Erica said...

No Doubt was my first concert too. They were headlining for Bush. I was in college, 1996, I thought Bush was ok, but I called my boyfriend and said I just saw a superstar...Gwen! The stage was ELECTRIC when she performed

Samantha said...

You look absolutely lovely! I like the added edginess of your arm candy plus the belt! I also love Gwen Stefani!

Thanks for visiting my blog, come back again soon! :o)



Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, I remember that year oh so well as we got out our fashion magazines and sat in your room listening to No Doubt. I believe we at that time discovered those clear bottle drinks with the colored bubbles in them that after drinking used as decor. You have been Ms Fashion since the begininng. Love all your blogs...XO Tiffany