black on BLACK

sweater-H&M, leather jacket-Theory, boots-hand me down from mom, necklace-Banana Republic, stone necklace-Mira Mira store in the Mission SF, beanie-borrowed from my sister

Took these pics while strolling around Berkeley.
We shopped around, got a delicious lunch, took a latte break and ended the day with home made ice cream at a local shop.
Love how much foliage is around the suburban part of Berkeley and how an active railroad can be found steps away.
Black on Black feels so good.  It’s so clean and edgy, and in my opinion makes a statement filled with attitude.  For a girl who loves color and wild prints, it is sometimes nice to be draped in all black for a casual vibe.  I love this H&M sweater—the fit is interesting with the high/low silhouette and the yarn is this awesome waxed yarn that gives the sweater a more urban and grunge feel. 


Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

aaah, what a lovely bag Jacqueline! x


I really love your sunglasses! They're so huge! :]


Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

You look so diffrent without color! lol But black always looks chic and sophisticate! Nice picture J!!