Wild at Heart

tights- Urban Outfitters, shoes- c/o LuLus.com, lace top/denim vest- Forever 21, cream lace top-Banana Republic, black sequin skirt/beanie- borrowed from my sister, heart sunglasses- Wasteland, belt- Vintage

Photography by Danielle LeBrun (my rad and talented sister)

This look and concept was heavily influenced by the skater craze of the 90s, a nd believe it or not I was even a skater girl myself in the 90s.  I didn't do much other than chill and skate around on my awesome board with Venture light trucks, but back then I thought I was pretty rad whenever I was skating around.
Danielle helped assist styling this outfit to make sure it was pulled together and fit well with the other looks in our motion picture lookbook.
I love these crazy floral print tights and how the Lulu*s sparkly insane platforms give the outfit a very skater-Harajuku feel.  This part of the video was all about having fun and being young and crazy and care free.  Back in the day we all did a lot of hanging around parking lots, going to 7-11 to get slurpees and hanging with our homies...but most of all having fun together.

In case you were wondering... the dude in the photos is the mastermind cinematographer/director behind our motion picture lookbook, and he also happens to be my sister's loving boyfriend...Hi Andrew!

Check out our motion picture lookbook here, and the other sets of stills here and here.
Stay tuned for one more set of stills from our Valentine inspired video.


Santina said...

Confession: I was totally a skater chick, too! So, I am really into these photos! The combinations of prints and textures are rad!

Looking gorgeous as usual, Jackie!

Heather Belle said...

Love the one in front of the pinkys pizza sign! Soooo gorgeous!


Jess said...

Aaah, super cool! I love the settings for these photos, like a mad mag spread.

Eli said...

I love how this outfit shows that fashion doesnt have to be taken seriously. But I also love how you ended up styling those boots!! cute :)


awesome blog! like the mix of prints and textures here

Anonymous said...

I just came by to say that you have the most amazing sense of style ever! I love EVERYTHING about this outfit particularly! Feminine, yet tough! (: Your blog rocks, keep up the great work & have a nice day!

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

Love the pics and the style! So fun and fab!