Super Woman

dress/bead cuff- Urban Outfitters, boots-Joie via DSW, earrings- 60s Vintage via Chick-A-Boom Vintage, necklace-Vintage, yellow bangles- Forever 21

Took these pics in the Mission before heading out to celebrate my Birthday!!!!!!!!
I LOVE this dress so much I bought it in two colors-- it is so comfy in the stretchy knit fabrication and love how it fits.  To contrast the red/purple and spice things up I went for yellow accessories, and the combo turned out really fun and sort of reminds me of a Comic book with cartoon colors.  I'll pretend I'm Super Woman b/c who the hell doesn't feel like Super Woman after their birthday?


Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel said...

Looks great, and I immediately thought of comic books as well because of the colours :)

Happy belated birthday gorgeous!

Kate said...

You look fantastic! Love the color combos. You would totally make an amazing comic book heroine!

Despina T. said...

love the colours!looks like you are a super woman indeed!lovely dress :)

Santina said...

Well, you definitely started this year looking absolutely gorgeous (as usual)! This dress is made for you. I'm convinced!

HEIDI said...

love that necklace!!!

xx heidi
life full of loves

Suzanne said...

Really inspired outfit. I love your choices of jewelry that contrast with the dress.

Amanda Weiss said...

I agree with Santina, that this dress was made for you! Such a perfect birthday dress and I love the bold yellow accessories! :-)

Hope you had so much fun on your birthday girl! Hope we can see each other sometime SOON!

<3 Amanda

Australian Designer said...

Stunning outfit. I simply love your photos because you are looking awesome in these photos and i like your jewellery because its quite unique and looking very beautiful..:)

Alana Mitchell - anti aging skin care said...

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Eli said...

This seriously may just be the most perfect and beautiful dress for you!!

Jaymie said...

you look gorgeous, love the colours together and way you've accessorised the outfit!
I'm finding all these great san francisco blogs and bloggers and its got me SO excited for my trip to california and san fran this summer, ee.
hope your birthday night was great :)

Jaymie said...

you look gorgeous, love the colours together and way you've accessorised the outfit!
I'm finding all these great san francisco blogs and bloggers and its got me SO excited for my trip to california and san fran this summer, ee.
hope your birthday night was great :)

Silver Hoop Earrings said...

Really very comfortable outfit..i love it.

Mens Fashion Online said...

This outfit is so incredible, i adore it. Love your necklace and the handbag..:)

Anonymous said...

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Jewelry Sale said...

This is some REAL look.

Extra ordinary.

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Audrey said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I love the location for these photos and how perfect your outfit goes with it. I really appreciate the pops of yellow which change your look from patriotic to eccentric.

xo Audrey

The Honeyroom said...

i love how you put this outfit together, especially your yellow jewelry!
The Honeyroom