1960's-- Fashion Revolts!

60’s fashion is absolutely one of my favorite decades that I find to be incredibly inspiring, fun and full of life.
The free-spirit energy in a time of bright hope and optimism was translated into fashion trends that broke many traditions just like the social movements that defined this era.

How I wish that I could be a flower child in the 60’s dressed in imaginative and comfortable clothes--wide wale corduroy bell bottoms, loads of jewelry, velvet tops, fringed leather vests and bare feet.

 I want making daisy crowns to be part of my daily routine instead of going on facebook!
I would have loved to be part of a time where all you had to do was display a peace sign and say “Groovy” to let someone know you dug their threads.
Janis Joplin was one of the most influential style icons of the 60’s who is still a fashion inspiration today. Most people don’t know that Janis loved clothes, but indeed she did. Here is a great Janis fashion quote:
"FASHION NEWS: I went out & bought myself a $35 pair of boots. Oh they are so groovey!! They're old-fashioned in their style-tight w/buttons up the front. Black. FANTASTIC! When I get back, I'm going to rent a sewing machine & make myself some sort of beautiful/outlandish dress to go w/them."

- Janis Joplin, September 1966

And we can't forget about the sexiest man of the 60's...Mr. Jimi Hendrix. 
His style was impecable, always sporting a "look" that was creative and bold.
Band posters from the 60's are so inspiring since they were done by hand--take THAT Photoshop!

Take me to Woodstock please!

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Anonymous said...

I'd be the first to hop on the time machine back to sixties with ya ;)