Many Thanks

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and got to share lots of love with family and friends.

I wanted to share some photos of our Thanksgiving dinner table.
I have to say that my mom sure has a magic touch with her talent of creating a wonderful ambiance in our home.  Since she is an amazing floral designer, we always have fresh flowers and a whimsy of creativity floating throughout the home.  
Check out her Website  

My parents have this ridiculously awesome dining room table that was designed by the Landscape Architect Jack Chandler.  The steel table is a creation of his feng shui combination of art and functionality.  The table has a center that is hollow to allow artistic creations to come to life out of it.  

For Thanksgiving I helped my mom create this wild centerpiece.  The first object put into the center was a large branch.  We then added dry florals, feathers and leaves.  I strategically placed wheat grass in a way that created movement, like they were blowing in the wind.  We added fresh Casa Blanca flowers to bring a pop of freshness to the table.  It ended up being a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece that was artistic, yet functional-- as it didn’t obstruct anyone’s view at the table.  

I was quite productive this Thanksgiving break—I turned into an Art & Crafts machine!

Here is what I did:
-Started and finished knitting an entire scarf 

-Painted a painting
-Made hand-made Christmas cards for friends
-Made ornaments for my parent's Christmas tree

I was a non-stop knitting-baking-painting-craft machine!

Boy, did it feel good to start AND finish some projects though!  I will post my creations soon to share with you!

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