Wind & Waves

(velvet dress-F21, shoes-Coach, sash-Thrift, necklace-Banana Republic, earrings-Anthro, watch-Guggenheim museum Kandinsky collection)
I have to admit that these beach pics are leaning towards the cheesy side—but you have to agree this beach is gorgeous!  The cliff, the wind, the absolute tranquility of having no one on the beach was what made this stop so special.

I threw on my F21 velvet dress and gave it some finesse with a kimono type sash that I got for $1 at a craft fair.  I knew we would be driving and running around so I wanted to be comfortable.  I also wanted to look slightly dolled up for our anniversary so I put on the Banana Republic statement necklace to complete the outfit.  I have made so much use of this velvet dress and have found it to be incredibly versatile.  I suggest picking up some velvet pieces this Holiday-they are perfect to look chic when you are casual, or fun while you are dressed up!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! You are gorgeous!!!