Road Trip Weekend

My romantic boyfriend surprised me for our Anniversary and planned a little road trip to Carmel.  We whisked off onto the road and made our first stop in Half Moon Bay.  We frolicked in the Half Moon Bay beaches, explored tide pools, and Mario found a perfect sand dollar in the sand.
We then ventured to Santa Cruz where we walked in the rain at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  The amusement park was closed, but we still played a couple games at the Boardwalk arcade.  

Then we continued our road trip to Carmel, where we checked into a quaint hotel right in the heart of downtown.  Before dinner, we had to of course keep our gypsy traditions alive-- so we bought a bottle of wine to sip and enjoy as we snuggled under an umbrella in the rain and walked around downtown Carmel.  A feast of Spanish Tapas, a pitcher of Sangria and dancing completed the night.  
We spent Sunday driving to Monterey, but took a nice drive along the famous 17-mile drive to get there.  The 17-mile drive is one of the most majestic and inspiring drives—every stop along the way is a picturesque and magical place with lots of history to learn about.  
Road trip weekends are the best—I love how I can go to a familiar place but find new things that inspire me every time.

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