Amber Glow

(sequin cardigan-J.Crew, lace skirt-Ann Taylor, tights-Gap, shoes-Urban Outfitters, hat-Thrift, leather gloves-borrowed from mom’s closet, shirt-Gap)
What I love about this outfit is that it is incredibly versatile.  The lace skirt and sequin cardigan can be worn together to make a big statement or worn separate with black to be more casual.
Since the outfit is comprised of two statement pieces I made sure to leave accessories to a minimum-no necklace, earrings, or bracelets.  
It was super cold the weekend I wore this outfit, so I put on a fur trimmed hat and leather gloves to keep warm.  Since the gloves and hat are black and are true winter accessories, I felt they actually completed the outfit and added something to it rather than takeaway from the statement pieces. 
The holidays are a time to add whimsy to your outfits, so that is why I went for it and paired an antique yellow sequin cardigan with a lace skirt.  The combination becomes a perfect Holiday outfit that is dressed up while still being fun and whimsical.  Investing in these pieces has been ideal for my winter season wardrobe. 
I have made so much use out of the cardigan-it is perfect to pair with blue jeans and flats for work and I can add heels at night when I go out.  The black lace skirt has also been very versatile and I have paired it with a black top and solid black tights to let the skirt be noticed more.  I had fun wearing this outfit and love any excuse to  pair sequins and lace!


Danielle said...

I am borrowing those shoes!!!
Love this post.

6roove said...

wedges and the dress, gorgeous!