Simple Mood

(dress-Wasteland, sweater-UO, shoes-UO, socks/tights-Gap, hat-Thrift, necklaces-H&M, UO, Vintage)
Took these photos in a little town near Yosemite.
The last two photos my brother took with his camera with real black and white film, which adds such a cool mood you don't get to see enough of anymore with all the digital photography. 
Oh, how this small town can create such a simple mood on a lazy rainy day.
I always score special vintage finds at the antique stores on this street, and I actually got the hat I'm wearing this post in this town.


Nikki said...

These photo's are so adorable ^^
And I love the DIY sunday idea! I have some old frames and some of my grandma's patchworks, so the only thing I still need are the initials of my name and my boyfriends, it would look so cute in my room ^^ Thanks for the idea! x

Edgy said...

This is amazing. You look stunning in the first two pictures, and the ast two pictures are so creative.

Surely following your blog. Follow me back? :)

kendal croix. said...

that dress is darling!