Fresh off the Vine

(skirt/pin-J.Crew, top/sequin clutch-BCBG, blazer-UO,tights-Gap,shoes-Anthropologie,necklaces-Vintage,BCBG,BR)

Spent the weekend at my boyfriend's parent's house.
They pretty much have this Vineyard in their backyard, as it is across the street from their house.
We took advantage of the vineyard and went on a walk through it before we headed out to a fun-filled night of burgers and disco bowling. 
We also went on the most amazing 3 hour bike ride through vineyards and wineries where we were refreshed by the crisp (and clean) air that you don't seem to get in the city.
We saw so many animals along the way which made me so happy-- miniature ponies, chickens, cows and horses.

This skirt's pattern and colors ended up being a nice compliment to the bare grape vines and leaves that sprinkled the ground.  
The awesome White Stripes song "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground" kept popping into my head.


Mimi said...

Love your style and that skirt is amazing! Your weekend sounds fantastic!

Aesthetic Lounge

Zoët said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love this outfit, especially those shoes! xx