Haight St. & The Mission

(top-Urban Outfitters, bag-Isabella Fiore,hat-Vintage)
Had the best day on Saturday being a tourist in my own city.
Gina so kindly snapped the photos of me on our outing, and I took the others.
We went to Wasteland on Haight St. and then ventured through whimsical Vintage and Tibetan stores. 
Then we hopped over to The Mission for a food truck dinner and bar outing.


In Pursuit of Style said...

J'adorable shirt! I tried vintage shopping on Haight once and didn't find anything - but you got lucky!

Great blog and I am gladly following...!

In Pursuit of Style

Alyssa said...

great pics!


featherfactor said...

I love Haight :) It is always fun to do shopping, and grab a bite to eat there. Your photos are fantastic! Thx for posting <3


Tonya said...

Awesome shirt! I love the background to your photos too! Cool post :)


ChiccaStyle said...

Love the blouse!

Higgenbottom said...

amazing graffiti! i love that your top awesomely fits in!

Fashion Rehab said...

love your outfit!! :)

Fashion Rehab

Kim said...

Ooh I love being a tourist in your own city! :) so much fun!
Love the lipstick!

Things She Made said...

the pic where you're tipping your hat to your own shadow...tre cool.