City Lights

 (sweater/shoes/necklace/Turban-Urban Outfitters, dress-H&M, purse-Baksheesh,belt-Wasteland)

This Alley we took pictures in is next to City Lights Book Store and is called the Jack Kerouac Alley. 
The Alley still has the spirit of Jack Kerouac amongst it, and has since been turned into a place of art, reflection and inspiration.

This outfit is my absolute go-to outfit on the weekends--whether it is for a night out at the bars or a cocktail and movie date with my man. 
This is my favorite sweater in the whole world nick named the 'Cosby' sweater after the man himself who would always fashion a fabulous knit sweater in every episode.
I am loving this Turban from Urban Outfitters--it's the perfect accessory to complete any casual look.
You can learn more about the evolution of Turbans in my Fashion for Breakfast post here.


Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving everything going on there from the outfit to the background! Loving the jewerly and turban too!

Sonia said...

Love your turban! I have been wanting to rock one, but feel like I can't pull it off.. but you can!

In Pursuit of Style

Laura Loves Clothes said...

I love ur blog! Follow each other? ♥

Xoxo, Laura

Amber said...

Really pretty!! That's such a cool sweater, too. Cool pattern.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

what a great mix of colors! i love this lipstick on you, too.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely stunning! and i like your style... :) love your blog too! followed you here and in chictopia. :)

really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back.. it would be a pleasure.. :)


Laura Loves Clothes said...

Cute blog! Love your style :)