Jackie & Jennie

Meet my new friend Jennie from the awesome blog Going West.
Jennie was my partner in crime hopping around San Francisco last Thursday night to celebrate Fashion's Night Out.
It was a fun evening filled with lots of Champagne, meeting other bloggers and celebrating fashion with all who wanted to join in on the fun.
Although Jennie's outfit and mine contrast a bit, they also seem to have complemented each other quite well.  I adore Jennie's unique and awesome style, so be sure to check out more of her awesome outfits here.

On Jennie: top-Zara, boots-Jeffrey Campbell, shorts-Bird
On Jackie: top-RGB, skirt-Anthropologie, shoes-Dolce Vita, bag-Coach,accessories-Vintage/UO/J.Crew
I have to give a HUGE thanks to Lindsay and Caitlin who organized a private event in the Neiman Marcus Rotunda to kick off the night with a Champagne toast -it was super fun to meet lots of sweet blogger girls before adventuring out into the fashion abyss.  And here's a shout out to the event sponsors DODOcase, Rex Ray, Pop Chips and Gilt City.


Brittany said...

love your top, jackie!

Santina said...

You looked so stunning that night! When I turned that corner and saw you, I was like "Whoa, gorgeous girl" and then "Hey, I know that gorgeous girl"!

We need to plan a vintage shopping date soon!

Anonymous said...

I love how polished yet fun and colorful your outfit looks! Such a great mix of patterns and textures. So glad I came across your blog, you have such fun style.

Eli said...

You two look so cute! I'm still a little bummed we didnt get to meet, but I'm sure we will soon, totally bound too!!

Amanne said...

Loved meeting you that night. :)

jennie going west said...

yay! party buds! you looked hot ;)