Rachel from Visual Basic absolutely delighted me by featuring me in her Blogger Sketch Sketch Sunday series.
I am a HUGE fan of Rachel's work and always look forward to seeing what Blogger she will sketch next.
I am beyond flattered for her to be inspired by me and my blog--and she wrote some really kind words that you can read here
 It means the world to me that she finds me as relatable Blogger with a 'normal' body type that most women can relate to.
Thank you Rachel with all my heart!
You can see the outfit posts Rachel was inspired by here, here and here.


Amanne said...

Gorgeous sketches! I'm obsessed with fashion sketch work.

UK said...

what an incredibly modern piece of design - I am delighted to have found this blog, it's a marvelous resource. Fashion Guide

Courtney said...

I found you from Rach's blog. :)
Now following you on bloglovin!

I looked through a good couple of posts - your photographer (hubby or tripod or other) is amazing! You take the most interesting shots, you always strike a fierce pose and you clothes is to die for! Your style is great! I'm so happy to have found your blog!

I Can Be Many Things

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Courtney! Lydia Hudgens is the mastermind can check out more of her work here...