My film debut in Holiday Dresses from

This is my glamorous debut to the film world!!!
I am SO thrilled to share with you this video I made featuring dresses!!!

LuLu*s sent me four amazing dresses and I couldn't help to want to get creative and do something extra special to show them off.
Since I absolutely have the Holiday spirit right now, I instantly envisioned the concept of a Holiday inspired fashion video with a Vintage touch.  
The dresses can be styled in unique ways, so I knew four little vignettes would be a fun and whimsical way to debut the dresses.
The inspiration for the video came from many things: Vintage and Retro Holiday outfits, nostalgic memories, the 50s and 60s, Woody Allen's quirkiness, old fashioned silent films and  of course the Christmas spirit.

All dresses c/o Visit their site to get these amazing dresses and more here.

I couldn't have done this video with the help of the super talented Andy and Danielle.
Andrew Provost filmed, directed and edited this video.  
He did an AMAZING job and I am so thankful for his creative talent.
Danielle Le Brun (my sister) helped with artistic direction during the shoot to add that extra sparkle.

We had so much fun making this video together!!!

Stay tuned for outfit posts in these dresses and more Holiday styling tips.


Charlotta Grönberg said...

Great video! You look beautiful and sexy, love your shoe choices and the playfulness in the video! xxx

Christina said...

We love this video! It's so creative and inspiring! Keep up the great work Jackie! :)

Nikki said...

The red dress is my absolute favorite! I love how you paired it with the lopard accesoires! x

Jacqueline said...

The leopard belt on the red dress comes with the dress!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Mario C. said...

Jackie that video is amazing. You look like a French movie star! You inspired me to want to do something playful and creative like this. It's so old fashion and modern at the same time. Your a natural on screen. The camera loves you and you look glamorous. FanTastic idea and it came out perfect.
You are by far the most interesting woman I have ever met in my whole life!

Danielle | Things She Made said...

I second what Mario C. said...very interesting woman! haha ;)
This was SO much fun to make! Let's get in touch with our inner Woody Allen again and do Part II and III!

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