Neon and Pastel

skirt- J.Crew, top- Madewell, belt-J.Crew, necklace/purse-Chick-A-Boom! Vintage, tights- Nordstrom, hat-1950s Vintage, bracelet-J.Crew

Could NOT resist taking some photos in this gorgeous mustard field in Napa where you could frolic in the field full of knee deep neon amazingness.
Sort of love how the mustard is so neon when packed together...and a great complement to my neon top from Madewell.  Digging the neon and pastel trend right now and think pairing them together or separate is so beautiful and feminine.
Happy Friday and I hope you have an amazing weekend!


my very own lookbook said...

you look very cute!


AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Wow. It's so bright and vibrant!

Eli said...

So jealous we dont have anything that open and beautiful in the city!! so gorgeous!

Louise said...

Great outfit.

Amanda Weiss said...

These pictures are truly magical Jackie! I love them!!

<3 Amanda

Amy said...

Woah! Bright :-) My blog My boutique

Kate said...

Love the outfit! That shirt looks fantastic. Looks like spring!

outlet sale said...

Cute style !