Rad Bad Valentine. A Motion Picture LookBook. xoxo

I hope you are inspired by this fashion video that our creative team is coining 'Motion Picture LookBook’.
I was inspired by the 90s, teenage youth, Valentine’s Day and the ultimate free feeling of being young, girly and having fun.

Andrew Provost was the mastermind Cinematographer, Editor and Director behind this project.
Andrew exceeded my expectations to mold my inspiration and vision into a creative reality, and he really brought to life the spirit of what I was inspired to create.
I am very grateful to get to work with such an incredibly talented and creative film expert.

Danielle (my sister), the Art Director/Photographer wrote the below overview on our project.
Rad Bad Valentine
A fashion-infused MotionPicture LookBook that celebrates a fresh take on Valentine's Day.

Inspiration came from our muse: Jackie LeBrun of Hourglass Fashion. The goal was to create a Valentine's video, but instead of the typical soft-romantic tone with motifs of love letters and hearts, we wanted to depict something raw, something honest. In the video, Jackie represents the modern gal in love with life. She's adventurous, bold and independent, sometimes a little messy and a little wild. Why should that change on Valentine's Day? It shouldn't.
We pulled inspiration from 90's grunge, the rush of having a crush, modern youth and sugar-highs, as well as fashion icons like Courtney Love and Karen O.

Creative Crew:
Jackie LeBrun: Stylist, Fashion Director, Project Leader and all around Muse
Danielle LeBrun: Art Direction, Creative Management, Photographer
Andrew Provost: Media Director, Cinematographer, Editor

MotionPicture / LookBook:
We've coined the term MotionPicture LookBook because that is exactly what these videos are: A collection of fashion trends and concepts captured on film. We present a point-of-view on fashion and culture through film, music and story.  The goal is to inspire the viewer and communicate street-style fashion in a fresh way.  We love making them and have many more in the works!

I hope you are inspired and excited to check back this week to see more details from the video.  
This project was SO much fun to work on and I can't wait to make many more motion picture lookbooks! xoxo

Stay tuned this week for still photos and outfit posts from each of these looks.

More details to come on outfits...
Outfit 1 Dress: Forever 21
Outfit 2 Dress: c/o Telltale Hearts 
Outfit 3: Mixed brands
Outfit 4 Dress: c/o Kaj.Ani Studio

Music Credit:
song 1: Sneaker Pimps, 6 Underground

song 2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Date with the Night


Maria said...

LOVE this! Can totally see your inspiration shine through. Pretty obsessed with the boots and sunnies from your first look.

Can't wait to see more videos :).


Joelle said...

I am seriously loving your boots and your dress! The flowery headband it perfect for V Day as well :)

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Ladies! It means a lot to get your great feedback!
I had so much fun making this video and want to make many more!

Heather Belle said...

This is too cool! Love it!!


Tranae said...

This is the most unique and coolest lookbook video I've seen.


Kate said...

That's awesome! I particularly love the phone booth scene. Wait - where did you even find a phone booth?!?