Runaway Love

dress- Forever 21, floral headband-DIY, velvet shrug- borrowed from my sister, sunglasses- Urban Outfitters, shoes- Joie via DSW, cuffs- Forever 21, blue ring- Urban Outfitters, lipstic-MAC chilli

Photos captured and edited by my lovely sister, Danielle LeBrun

These are the first set of stills from our Rad Bad Valentine motion picture lookbook.
 In case you missed you can watch it here.
The outfit and concept for this particular look was heavily influenced by the flower children of the 60s, 90s teenage youth, the glossy pages of Nylon Magazine, pondering thoughts and escaping into nature. 
Danielle did a great job capturing the spirit and mood of the concept for this look.

Want to know what the photographer, Danielle has to say about this look?
Danielle has a background and schooling in graphic design, which has influenced her sharp eye for cutting edge trends.

Here is what Danielle has to say about this Runaway Love concept...
This look took inspiration from the moodiness during the 90's, which was very cool, bold and romantic in an understated way. The 90's felt like a new-age Renaissance - fashion, music, food, culture - everything was in a perpetual remix at the time.
Fashion was totally reinvented too. Celebrities like Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain took very traditional prints (i.e. floral, stripes, dots, plaid) and presented them with a dark and fresh twist.
This is essentially what we tried to capture in this outfit and film segment: romance that evoked something mysterious, yet adventurous and new. Kind of like a Maxfield Perish painting or Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet - only with a quirky, modern edge.

Check back tomorrow for the next set of photo stills from the motion picture lookbook!


Amy said...

Saw your pictures on Chico... I had to check out your blog...I loved the photos, they looked soo happy and playful! I love the hairband you are wearing.. I was particularly interested as I handcraft them myself...

check it out!

Santina said...

Jackie, I am obsessed with the first picture of you in the swing! Sooooo pretty!

This is a great look for you! But then again, what doesn't look good on you? ;)

Heather Belle said...

So pretty! The balloon adds an extra bit of fun to these snaps! :)

Eli said...

Oh Jackie this look is so cute! It's like a 90's babe mixed with Betsey Johnson, but also loved how your video had the same vibe!

fashionhypnotised said...

Great outfit, super cute blog! Would you like to follow each other?
Fashionhypnotised girl

my very own lookbook said...

beautiful pictures, great outfit!