Bow Tie

(top- J.Crew, bow tie- Vintage, skirt- Urban Outfitters, belt- Vintage, necklace- Anthropologie, ring old Banana Republic, bracelet J.Crew, watch Michael Kors)

Totally into bow ties right now.
Snagged this Vintage Bow Tie while shopping in the Mission with Jennie.
I have decided I want to start a Vintage bow tie collection, not that I need an excuse for another 'collection'.
Glad I am finding new ways to wear this old Urban Outfitters skirt.
Black and white stripes always remind of Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss, so that my friends is why this skirt will never leave my closet.


Amanda Weiss said...

You are wearing that bow-tie perfectly! Such a cute and unique collection to start! :-) And how about that CAR-wowza!

<3 <3 <3


Santina said...

You look adorable! And can we be bow tie friends? I have a small collection, but I'd love to add some vintage ones to it!

theSIREN said...

no mention of that incredible car?! awesome shoot location. i love the striped skirt.


Larissa said...

This outfit is darling!!! It makes me excited for the Christmas season :)

check out my brand new fashion blog: here's a link to my latest post!


stylecomb said...

Love this! Love the colors, and the bow tie layered with your necklace. It's the perfect balance.

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

Ohhhh!! Love this outfit! is so unique and chic! Fun! Nice job girl! xoxo

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